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Healthy No-bake cookies

Healthy No-bake cookies

Jan 29, 2012

If you’re like me, and you gotta have your sweets, this is an excellent healthy recipe that will satisfy that craving!
Shakeology No-Bake Cookies

Shakeology No-Bake Cookies

                         3 scoops Chocolate Shakeology
                        3 cups rolled oats
                        3/4 cup raw honey
                         3/4 cup natural peanut butter
                           3/4 cup almond milk






Microwave or use a stove top pan to warm honey and peanut butter until easily combined. Mixed all ingredients together and then shape into 1/2 balls or flatten into a baking dish. Refrigerate for several hours or even freeze.


Serving Size: makes 50 1/2 inch bars/balls

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