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Let’s go BANANAS!!

Let’s go BANANAS!!

Nov 8, 2012


The banana plant is the largest herbaceous  flowering plant. The plants are normally tall and fairly sturdy and are often mistaken for trees, but their main or upright stem is actually a pseudostem that grows 20 to 24.9 ft  tall, growing from a corm. Each pseudostem can produce a single bunch of bananas. After fruiting, the pseudostem dies, but offshoots may develop from the base of the plant. Many varieties of bananas are perennial.  Banana plants are one of the oldest cultivated plants.  




  • You don’t need to eat bananas for the potassium  (Although it is present in bananas, potassium is the predominant nutrient among most all fruits and vegetables.)
  • Bananas are high in sugar, so they should not be eaten if you have blood sugar problems.
  • Don’t eat bananas on an empty stomach; combining them with a bit of protein will help to normalize the insulin response caused by the sugar in the banana.
  • Green-tipped bananas are better for your health than over-ripe bananas.
  • Fiber in bananas help maintain healthy, regular bowel movements.
  • Bananas are easy to digest.
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