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No Shave November 2013

No Shave November 2013

Nov 15, 2013

It’s November.  For most it means Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, etc.  But for many it means ditching the razor.

My beard for No Shave November

For many years, I’ve wanted to participate in “No-shave November” but simply couldn’t because of Fire Department regulations.  Even in 2011 when I took almost a month off in vacation and went to Los Angeles I was told to either shave or be reprimanded, good cause or not.

So, this year, I’m excited to participate.  No-Shave November is a simple concept that is becoming more and more popular each year.  Coming on the heels of October and Breast Cancer awareness, No-Shave November simply encourages men to grow some type of facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  I’m at day 14 which I don’t mind telling you is the “itchy” stage!  I must say however, it is working.  People I know ask me why I’m suddenly growing a beard.  I get the chance to explain.  Yesterday even I had a local high school student stop and ask to take pictures of my facial hair for their school news program segment on prostate cancer.

I’m enjoying the process, despite constant pressure from Michele and my daughter to shave it.  I’ve been tempted, but I think I’m going to make it to November 30th.  After all, it is the least I could do for a good cause.

For more information on “No-Shave November”  go here.



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