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Jul 29, 2013

IMG_8708When the boys were younger we bought our first house.  In the back yard the previous owners had planted sunflowers along the back privacy fence.  We loved having them.  That was 15 years ago.  So this year, we decided to plant a row of them along the outside of our privacy fence in our new home.  Maleah was excited.  Her, her neighborhood friend and I planted them 6 weeks ago.  We planted Giant sunflowers this year.  Obviously they weren’t kidding!  I am 6’5 and you can see this one towers over me.






When growing sunflowers make sure they will receive full sun.  They grow best in fertile, moist, well drained soil.  It’s best to mulch around the stalks. They have large stick stalks with heart shaped leaves.  Sunflowers are planted for both for asthetic and practical purposes.  The seeds are harvested and may be used to make sunflower oil, scattered for bird seed, and of course many enjoy eating the seeds themselves.







Sunflowers will typically face the east.  Many believe they will follow the sun throughout the day.  This is a myth.  They typically take 6 weeks to mature.  As the Sunflower approaches maturity it will begin to face downward.  The flower head will curl backward, the petals will brown and the face will produce seeds.  To harvest the seeds you may scrape the seeds loose, or simply place the flower in a paper bag and let it dry.  They seeds should just fall off.  Then, simply peel and enjoy!









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