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Why We Choose Beachbody & Shakeology

Today I want to brooch a subject that I’ve long steered clear of.  I don’t believe in criticizing another product to make another look good.  I believe in highlighting the benefits of whatever it is I’m recommending.  I think there is enough negativity in this world that I don’t need to add to it.  I also believe that many companies marketing campaigns thrive and depend on creating fierce loyalty about their products.  I’ve seen it in this business.  One time friends no longer speak because of their product beliefs.

However, I knew in the back of my mind that this article was inevitable, it was just a matter of time.  As I’ve milled it over repeatedly in my head and discussed it with Michele numerous times I began to realize that I can say what I need to say by simply explaining why we have made the decision we’ve made by highlighting the positives and IF any comparisons came up, I would simply avoid using another companies brand name.  Fair enough.

With that said, I want to explain why we choose to be a part of Beachbody.  Basically, it boils down to our belief in Shakeology.  That’s it.

In January 2009 I underwent brain surgery to help relieve symptoms from a neurological condition known as “Chiari Malformation”.  In a search for a perfect workout to rehab quickly and return to work as a firefighter, I found P90X.  Guys at work asked about it.  I found out I could sign as a coach and make some money selling P90X’s.  So I signed up as a Beachbody Coach.

A few months later Shakeology was introduced.  We are not neccesarily skeptical people but we don’t just buy into hype.  We took a step back and let the dust settle first.  After it got rave reviews we decided to try it.  That’s been four years.  I have basically had one every day since.  Everyone in my house has one everyday.  My mother, sisters, step-mother and friends all have one everyday.  Even my neuro-surgeon has one daily.  He says he believes its one of the best nutritional supplements on the market.

I can tell you that with my condition, clean nutrition is crucial.  I have lost a significant amount of weight since becoming a part of Beachbody, Shakeology has been a major piece of that puzzle.  More importantly, with my condition, superior nutrition is crucial.  I can tell a major difference between when I eat clean and when I don’t.  Therefore, I can tell you that if I go a day without Shakeology I can tell a difference.

We’ve done fairly well with Beachbody as Coaches.  We make enough money to take fun trips and have made many new friends.

As will happen with anything successful, others will attempt to copy that success.  So it was inevitable that other companies would do so in regards to Shakeology.  I don’t mean specifically developing a meal replacement shake but mimicking the marketing plan.  Soon competitors came to the market.

One specifically aggresively came after Beachbody’s market share.  Their marketing tactics were targeted to Beachbody customers and coaches.  They knew what they wanted and how to do it.  Many coaches began switching companies.  Obviously this piqued my curiosity.  What I discovered was that their “compensation plan” for their representatives was extremely enticing.  This companies equivalent of a Beachbody’s Coach stood to make significantly more money than we did.  So naturally, I began researching.

I agonized over this decision for over 6 weeks.  The money was so enticing but I was locked in a moral struggle.  It wasn’t until one of the recruiters for the new company said to me, “We all know Shakeology is a superior product but Beachbody is a sinking ship.  Come to __________ and get rich and you can buy all of the Shakeology you want.”  Unfortunately for her that was exactly what I needed to hear to make my decision.  I (obviously) stayed with Beachbody.  Here is why.

1.  Shakeology is 100% natural.  This means:

  • No stimulants

  • No preservatives

  • No artificial sweeteners

This is EXTREMELY important.  Shakeology is not specifically about weight loss, though that is an amazing side affect.  It is about optimal health.  It is pure and clean.  Our environment, and specifically our food is so toxic.  So much information has come out about the dangers of GMO’s (Sadly many people still don’t even know what GMO’s are), artifical sweeteners and chemically processed foods.  These competitor products are all chemically processed in one way or the other.  They will tell you they are “safe” and “healthy” for you.  They say that “nothing has been proven”.  Well 75 years ago cigarette ads claimed that smoking was actually healthy and doctor recommended.  Why?  Simply because nothing had been proven otherwise!


2.  Nutritional Value

As I mentioned Shakeology is not specifically about weight loss.  It is about superior health.  You are getting good nutrients NOT starving your body of calories.  Other shakes are designed to fill you up so you don’t eat a calorically dense meal.  While Shakeology also does this it is the only shake that is also NATURALLY nutrient rich.

In an additional note, one of these companies has recently began defending allegations of lead being found in their product.  


3.  Cost

On the surface those other  products look “cheaper”.  Well they aren’t.  One company specifically markets this way.  However, when you look closer, to lose weight they recommend two shakes a day.  That ironically evens the cost.  So, you’re spending the same to lose weight.  However, only one of them increases your health naturally.

4.  Beachbody is a company of integrity.

A few years ago I heard CEO and Beachbody Founder Carl Daikler speak.  In his speech he apologized for Beachbody not yet having Vanilla flavored Shakeology.  He began to explain.  In his speech he said that they had actually created the Vanilla formula and were close to production when he discovered that artifical vanilla (which he had presumed to be “safe”) actually contains Propolyne glycol, an ingredient found in anti-freeze.  He said that he had agonized over whether to push into production anyway or scrap the plan and lose potentially millions in sales.  Ultimately he said that he could not “market a product to consumers and tell them it was healhty for them knowing that it contained an ingredient that was harmful.  He scrapped the plan and wen’t back to square one.  (Since then Beachbody has released Vanilla Shakeology made with real vanilla from Madagascar).

In addition, Beachbody has consistently and emphatically stressed “taking the high road” to it’s Coaches in regards to the aggressive and sometimes negative marketing tactics used by some of the other companies.  We agree with that ideology.  The fact is that Shakeology is superior and that can not be argued logically.  For that reason the product continues to speak for itself.


It is imperative for me  to believe in any product I recommend.  I was inspired by Carl Daiklers speech.  I want to do the same.  For that reason, I also don’t recommend programs that I don’t think fit a clients personality or goals and I don’t recommend all of Beachbody’s products.  I only recommend what I feel personally is what is best for them.  I want people to be healthy and happy.  I want them to trust me. With that trust I hope that they will continue to do business with me.  That is why I choose Shakeology.


Find out more about Shakeology here

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