Brad and Michele
Brad and Michele have been a team for over 30 years!
We are a husband and wife team of Beachbody Coaches.  We’ve been together for over 30 years!  We’ve been through it all and each time come out, better than before.  We believe that our challenges in life are our greatest asset to grow and become better people.  We exemplify this statement everyday in our professional personal lives.
July 1991
We started out as high school sweethearts, had our children at a young age and started on our journey.  After hitting some major bumps in the road that seriously tested our relationship, we forged an unbreakable bond that could never be broken. In 2008, I (Brad) was diagnosed with a rare congenital neurological condition called a Chiari Malformation.  After surviving brain surgery, I was determined to change my lifestyle habits.  The scare of undergoing brain surgery was enough to change both of us, for the better.  We wanted to be healthy and live longer.  We wanted to maximize our time on this earth with our blessings.
Brad's MRI showing Chiari Malformation
Brad’s MRI 200
I had a long history of training elite athletes and was working to design the perfect workout program to recover from my surgery and get me back to work at the fire department. That’s when I discovered, P90X. It changed our lives! The transformation was unreal. We quickly were headed to be in the best shape of our lives. People took notice! After a dozen people asked us what we were doing to get into shape, we researched how to sell the program. That’s when we discovered Team Beachbody. We both signed up to be Beachbody Coaches immediately. Ten years later, we are still Beachbody Coaches.  We are active, healthy and fit. We are acutely aware of what we put into our bodies. We utilize Beachbody programs on a regular basis. We still drink Shakeology everyday, as do our children. We love living this healthy lifestyle.  We love working together to help other people discover what we’ve discovered.
Husband, Father, Firefighter, Chiarian, Beachbody Coach, teacher, mentor and friend.
Wife, Mother, Beachbody Coach, Saint, gourmet cook and pet lover

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