4 Simple Steps to Changing Your Daily Habits

Here we are again, another year another list of things that we want to change about ourselves. If you're like most people, every year it seems to be the same short list of things we want to change. Number 1 on the list, obviously, it typically to live a healthier lifestyle. However, the list can range from eating better, to quitting smoking, exercising more, etc. But why is so hard to maintain? Why are the gyms packed in January, but almost empty again in

21 Day Fix Challenge Group

    We invite to join our 21 Day Fix Challenge Group!     Give us 21 days....it's 3 weeks of dedication....and then you can see if you want to move forward. Results always give me motivation to press on so we want the same thing for YOU! Click here to learn more about the 21 Day Fix On January 12th we are kicking off a 21 day NEW YEAR, NEW YOU challenge!  We have several registered.  We are going to add just a few more. Re