We invite to join our 21 Day Fix Challenge Group!


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Give us 21 days….it’s 3 weeks of dedication….and then you can see if you want to move forward. Results always give me motivation to press on so we want the same thing for YOU!

Click here to learn more about the 21 Day Fix

On January 12th we are kicking off a 21 day NEW YEAR, NEW YOU challenge!  We have several registered.  We are going to add just a few more. Register now!

Here’s the info.  You will follow an exact workout plan…30 minutes a day-everyone has time for that…and you will follow an exact meal plan-Nothing complicated. So ALL you have to do is COMMIT and SHOW UP for 21 days and you WILL get results. There is no way around it. It’s that simple.

If you are interested in joining then begin registering below.  Follow the instructions on the next page.  Once finished, we will contact you personally.  We want to learn more about your specific goals.  We will go from there.  We are committed to help you see great results!


Brad and Michele

Brad and Michele
Bradley and Michele are a husband/wife team of Beachbody coaches who have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds and turn their lives around. If you would like them to be your personal fitness coach, and receive a personal health/fitness evaluation,  simply email them at clientcare@bradandmichele.com.


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